Alé Whizzy Winter Shoecovers AW19

Alé Whizzy Winter Shoecovers AW19

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Alé Whizzy Winter Shoecovers AW19 from Overshoes category

Product information

Alé Whizzy Winter Shoecovers. Alé's Whizzy Winter Shoecovers are specifically designed for boosting aerodynamics on the bike while also adding some extra protection against rain showers and damp roads With their 26cm long cuff and snug stretch fit, the Whizzy Winter Shoecovers are about a smooth passage through the air with the added benefit of keeping off road-spray from damp roads and fending off a shower or two as you race against the clock


Materials: 89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane
26cm height
Time trial shoecover
Reflective logos
Suggested temperature range 8 to 20 °C