Brand-X Ascend Lever Kit V2 - (1 x Gears) I-Spec
Black Aluminium
available colours: black, black aluminium

Brand-X Ascend Lever Kit V2 - (1 x Gears) I-Spec

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Brand-X Ascend Lever Kit V2 - (1 x Gears) I-Spec from Seatposts category

Product information

Brand-X Ascend Lever Kit V2 Upgrade - Shifter (1x Gears) I-Spec II. This ergonomic shifter style dropper remote lever is designed to be positioned where your front shifter would normally sit. This means it’s perfectly suited for riders who are using a 1x chain ring set up, without a front derailleur. This superb lever kit is compatible with all the Brand-X Ascend dropper seatposts and other cable actuated posts for a smooth and effortless operation Adjustable Dropper Remote. Thanks to its adjustable angle range of +10 degrees and a horizontal adjustment of +7mm, you can enjoy a more customised fit to suit your preferred hand position. Plus, with this model, it neatly combines with Shimano I-Spec II brake levers to free up space on your bars and give a clean look. To top it off, the cables can be installed at either end, so you can either route the cable ferrule into the lever, or you can use the screw and install the cable at the post. Please Note: This particular lever kit is only compatible with Shimano hydraulic brake levers with I-Spec II fitment and does not include a handlebar mounting collar


Material: 6061-T6 Aluminium
Finish: Sand blasted and hard anodised black Compatibility: Shimano I-Spec II Diameter: 22 2mm Cable Length 1.5m Cable Housing: 1500mm (inner cable 1710mm) I-Spec II mounted shifter style remote lever Weight: 40 7g (excluding the cable 64g)

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