Fenwicks Disc Brake Cleaner

Fenwicks Disc Brake Cleaner

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Fenwicks Disc Brake Cleaner from Lubes Cleaning category

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Fast and efficient, this disc-brake specific cleaning fluid keeps your rotors spick and span thanks to its evaporating, triple solvent formula. Fit for use on a variety of contaminants, it gives a thorough clean and a dry finish while reducing brake squeal and improving overall performance.


Formula: Triple Solvent
Suitability: Disc brakes
Instructions for use: Step 1: Initially, spray from a distance of 20cm to wet down the surface to be cleaned – use short blasts
Step 2: Leave for 10 seconds
Step 3: After surfaces have been wetted, blast away contaminants by moving the aerosol closer and using prolonged bursts. Catch residue with an absorbent cloth
Top Tip: If used as a chain degreaser re-lube using a Fenwick’s chain lube