Fenwicks Wet Weather Chain Lube

Fenwicks Wet Weather Chain Lube

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Fenwicks Wet Weather Chain Lube from Lubes Cleaning category

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This Chain Lube from Fenwicks is the wet weather version and has been improved after feedback from riders praising its exceptional performance during wet weather cycling. These improvements push the technological boundaries so that this highly tenacious chain lube can perform even better in wet-weather as well as provide longevity and a gunk free operation It consists of a synthetic blend with excellent ester and high polymer content as well as additives to considerably boost lubricity and film potency with good adhesiveness to reduce corrosion. Synthetic oils are far more superior to mineral oils in reducing corrosion, friction, wear and longevity, due to the capability of completely blending to bespoke formulas, producing the required mechanical and chemical properties For bikes, wet weather lubes provide more protection as operating temperatures needed for solid particles in dry lubes are seldom reached to preserve their mobility. So once dry particles have been pushed away from touching surfaces, they don’t return


Reduced environmental contamination means cleaner operation
Increased maintenance periods
Decreased wear
Increased protection against corrosion
Smoother, quieter functioning bike
Penetrates and protects
For smooth running chain
Easy clean formula