For Goodness Shakes Recovery Drink

For Goodness Shakes Recovery Drink

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For Goodness Shakes Recovery Drink from Nutrition category

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Recovery RTD. Runner, cyclists, swimmers and gym goers everyone needs to recover, this ready to drink recovery from For Goodness Shakes is perfect to help your body repair, refuel and rebuild so that you can get back to doing your sport sooner For Goodness Shakes Recovery is the UK's number 1 recovery shake. The Gold Standard in Sports Recovery. Delivering a 3:1 Carb to Protein formula helps you recover fast, by restoring muscle glycogen (energy) stores and promoting protein synthesis to aid muscle growth and repair


Added carbohydrate to replace and load glycogen energy stores
Whey and Casein protein deliver 6g of essential amino acids which cannot be produced by the body
17g protein helps muscle repair and maintenance
Contains For Goodness Shakes Procovery micro nutrient blend
Does not need to be refrigerated so you can keep one handy for whenever you need it
Procovery Micro-Nutrient Blend. The Procovery micro nutrient blend is designed to: - Promote protein and amino acid synthesis- Help muscle function- Support energy-yielding metabolism- Reduce tiredness and fatigue- Support immune system function Chocolate Per Serving
Strawberry Per Serving
Vanilla Per 40g Serving
Energy Kj 1382.81113.41120 1Energy k
5.30.30 3 of which saturated
0.70.70 7