For Goodness Shakes Ultimate Protein Drink

For Goodness Shakes Ultimate Protein Drink

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For Goodness Shakes Ultimate Protein Drink from Nutrition category

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Ultimate Protein RTD. The ready to drink low carb and high protein drink, the perfect partner for building lean muscle. Give your body the rich amino acids that it needs to recover after working hard and repair those aching muscles Protein Core Power is the highest protein, lowest carbohydrate shake in the range. It contains a 4:1 PRO:CARB ratio with Whey & Casein Proteins to maximise protein intake. From only 210 Calories, Ultimate Protein contains a unique BIOProVM micronutrient blend, has no added sugar, is low in fat and still tastes great! Available in Chocolate and Strawberry flavours


30-60 mins post workout Unique Bio
Pro micronutrient blend
40g Whey and Cassein protein to help aid muscle growth and development
8g BCAA and 7g Glutamine
10g Carb No added sugar
Chill in the fridge or keep one in your bag/car or door - RTD Ready To Drink
Pro. A unique micronutrient blend designed to contribute to: - Protein Synthesis- Amino Acid Synthesis- Muscle Function- Immune System Function - Energy-yielding metabolism- Reduce tiredness and fatigue
Nutriton Information. Chocolate per serving
Strawberry per serving
Energy (KJ)973.6878 2Energy (Kcal)232.7209.9Fat
2.70 9of which saturates (g)1.60 5Carbohydrates (g)1010Protein (g)4040Fibre (g)4.20 9