Giant Explore E+ 2  2020

Giant Explore E+ 2 2020

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Giant Explore E+ 2 2020 from Electric bikes category

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Pick your destination and discover joy in the journey. This E-bike is ideal for trekking, giving you the power to ride further with a boost that’s pure fun.The Explore E+ is engineered to help you make the most of every journey. The ALUXX aluminium frame is designed such that it's a breeze to fit panniers with all your travel essentials. Its powerful and tuneable SyncDrive Sport motor and integrated EnergyPak provide a smooth, seamless boost of power so you can cover greater distances and conquer steep climbs. Rack mounts allow you to customise your cargo capacity, making it easier to carry the necessities for journeys near and far. Key


Overall stability
The ALUXX aluminium frameset and Sync
Drive Sport motor combine for smooth handling and acceleration on all types of roads and inclines.,Explore new routes
The Ride
Control EVO with on-board navigation helps riders find their way, and smartphone connectivity makes it easy to keep the battery charged.,Longer range
Explore E+ gives riders the freedom to ride further with either an Energy
Pak Smart 400 or 500 battery that delivers 400Wh / 500Wh of power respectively..