HIGH5 Energy Source 4:1 Citrus (1.6kg) 2019

HIGH5 Energy Source 4:1 Citrus (1.6kg) 2019

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HIGH5 Energy Source 4:1 Citrus (1.6kg) 2019 from Nutrition category

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EnergySource (1 6kg). EnergySource is an Energy Drink with added protein to work as an advanced fuel for endurance athletes during exercise It is widely known by athletes that the primary source of fatigue is the depletion of muscle and liver glycogen and when carbohydrates are ingested, the onset of this fatigue will be delayed. Many athletes are unaware that energy drink and protein can delay the time to fatigue up to 29% when compared to a regular carbohydrate and water drink. With this knowledge, High5 have created a perfect blend of 4 parts Carbohydrate and 1 part Protein, delivering the perfect amount of energy


Great before or during exercise
Makes 36 x 500ml servings
4 in 1 formula for energy, endurance, recovery and hydration
For use during extended aerobic exercise
No artificial colouring, sweeteners or preservatives
Suitable for lacto vegetarians
EU Allergens: Milk (Whey protein), Soy Lecithin