HIGH5 EnergySource  (1kg) 2019

HIGH5 EnergySource (1kg) 2019

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HIGH5 EnergySource (1kg) 2019 from Nutrition category

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EnergySource (1kg). The new generation of sports drink, EnergySource (1kg) is ideal for mid-exercise use, containing maltodextrin, fructose and carbohydrate in a 2:1 ratio With this blend, you can consume more than 90g carbohydrate per hour to sustain performance throughout tough endurance events while enhancing the absorption of water The electrolyte level in Energy drink should be adequate for most race conditions. However, when sweat rates are very high, we recommend adding a High5 ZERO Neutral tab to every 500ml of Energy to boost the electrolyte content further


Suitable for beginner to pro athletes
Latest generation sports drink with 2:1 fructose
Recommended consumption up to 90g of this carbohydrate mix per hour
Carbohydrates with electrolytes for maintaining endurance performance
Helps maintain hydration during exercise
Race proven in the World's toughest events
Light tasting and refreshing
With natural flavours. No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans