Honey Stinger Energy Bar (15 x 50g)
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Honey Stinger Energy Bar (15 x 50g)

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Honey Stinger Energy Bar (15 x 50g) from Nutrition category

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An energy bar with a strongly natural feel made with over 30% honey and combining 23 different vitamins and minerals with whole grains, calcium and antioxidantsBefore. The bar is designed for eating before and during heavy training sessions. If using before you should consume 5-10 minutes before you become active. The bar’s energy is instantly released into the body and absorbed at a steady rate that will last throughout your training session During. For an extra hit of energy throughout your training eat one of the bars every 45-60 minutes for best results. The honey naturally helps with muscle fatigued by nourishing your muscles longer and providing a steady release of energy Features. 30% natural honeyCombines 23 different vitamins and mineralsIncludes whole grains, calcium and antioxidants5g protein70% organicEach bar has 190 calories