KMC S1 Single Speed Chain

KMC S1 Single Speed Chain

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KMC S1 Single Speed Chain from Chains category

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A chain built for single speed/internal hub geared bikes


8.6 mm pin length Tensile strength 920kgf Pin power minimum 90kgf Compatible with single/3 speed and BMX Bushless construction Snap on connector KMC chains. For many years KMC has enhanced the technology behind bicycle chains through research, development, continuous innovation and valuable feedback from the world’s top professional racers. KMC’s pursuit of perfection has led to repeatedly being honoured with the industry’s top design awards. KMC currently produces in excess of 100 million chains every year KMC only makes chains. All KMC Research & Development efforts focus on chains - this is how KMC always manage to create excellent and reliable products for your drivetrain Service, top quality and reliability are always a top priority at KMC; consequently famous bicycle brands all over the world are now using KMC chains as original equipment on their bikes Compatibility and Durability. KMC’s derailleur chains are compatible with any system. In fact KMC does not distinguish between MTB and road chains. Product designations clearly indicate their usage, for example the X10-series fits any 10-speed system Compared to other renowned chain brands, KMC X-series chains live longer - as proven in many road tests. To back up this claim KMC is the only chain manufacturer offering a unique satisfaction warranty