Mobi Bike Cleaner Concentrate 950ml

Mobi Bike Cleaner Concentrate 950ml

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Mobi Bike Cleaner Concentrate 950ml from Lubes Cleaning category

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The Mobi Bike Cleaner Concentrate is perfect for use on any surface, including paintwork and clear coat bike finishes. Simply mix one-part concentrate to four-part water and you have an economical, cost effective bike cleaner that will restore you bike to its most pristine condition First Step of Bike Maintenance. Its fast-acting formula begins to work instantly, removing grease, oil and dirt. Should you be riding the dirtiest of winter trails at your local bike park, riding filthy winter routes on the road or tackling muddy cyclocross trails, this bike cleaner makes the first step in bike maintenance simple


Contents: 950ml 100% Acid Free Fast Acting Formula Simply Mix One Part Concentrate to Four Parts Water Removes Dirt, Grease & Oil Paintwork and Clearcoat Safe