Mobi Citrus Degreaser Chain Cleaner 950ml

Mobi Citrus Degreaser Chain Cleaner 950ml

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Mobi Citrus Degreaser Chain Cleaner 950ml from Lubes Cleaning category

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The Citrus Degreaser Chain Cleaner from Mobi is a powerful, fast acting degreaser that enables a smoother running drivetrain. This formula penetrates and cuts through dirt, grim and sticky lubricants, creating a cleaner, more efficient performing chain motion Efficient Drivetrain Performance. Once you have applied this cleaner and have worked it into the chain, either via chain tool or brush it rinses off easily. Unlike many other degreasers, this formula has no chemical smell and instead you are greeted with a nice, citrus aroma and a sparkling, more efficient drivetrain.


Powerful degreasing agent Strong Citrus formula Removes Grease and Oil Fast Acting Perfect for use with a chain cleaning tool Contents: 950ml