OTE Caffeine Energy Gels 56g x 20
available colours: blackcurrant, lemon/citrus

OTE Caffeine Energy Gels 56g x 20

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OTE Caffeine Energy Gels 56g x 20 from Nutrition category

Product information

Boost your workout with our naturally pineapple flavoured, carbohydrate energy gel with real fruit concentrates, balanced electrolytes and added caffeine OTE Caffeine Gel is easy to use, contains balanced electrolytes and 50mg of Caffeine to deliver energy to your working muscles when they need it most. Professional athletes use energy gels when they need ‘instant’ energy during exercise Caffeine, found in food such as coffee and chocolate, a naturally occurring stimulant Our Caffeine Gel sachet provides 50mg of caffeine (sourced naturally from the Guarana plant) provides just the right amount for mental stimulation during your workout, without causing anxiety or reduced performance OTE Energy Gels have been designed to be light on the stomach; made with real fruit concentrates, they not only energise and taste delicious, but also prevent stomach discomfort caused by many other commercially available gels The light and refreshing pineapple taste twinned with our DualDelivery packaging system makes our OTE Energy Gels easy to consume during your workout.


Ready to drink! Maltodextrin and Fructose Neutral p
H Balanced Electrolytes Light on the stomach Natural, delicious flavouring Free from: artificial sweeteners and colours Dual
Delivery packaging system 20 to 30 minutes of energy Suitable for: vegetarians, vegans, gluten free and dairy free