PowerBar Energize Energy Bars

PowerBar Energize Energy Bars

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PowerBar Energize Energy Bars from Nutrition category

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For successful intense training or competition you should top up your energy levels before you start and refuel during sport with up to 90g carbohydrates per hour depending on the intensity and duration Energize bars are a great choice before and during sport to deliver a scientifically developed combination of different carbohydrate sources.


C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix contain a special ratio of glucose and fructose sources Sodium, the main electrolyte lost through sweat Magnesium to support energy metabolism Coconut flavour contains 33mg caffeine per serve No artificial colours and *preservatives (*by law) Recommended Usage: Consume 1 bar within 60 minutes before sport and/or Consume up to 90g carbohydrates per hour during sport depending on the intensity and duration. 1 Power
Bar ENERGIZE delivers about 38g carbohydrates. As part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle Coconut contains caffeine (60mg/100g). Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women and caffeine-sensitive persons. 1 to 2 bars per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.