Shock Absorber Fly Bra AW17

Shock Absorber Fly Bra AW17

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Shock Absorber Fly Bra AW17 from Sports Bras category

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Fly Bra. Shock Absorber's Fly Bra combines lightness with unrivaled support, providing the feeling of a second skin sensation For regular Fly Bra wearers, Shock Absorber recommend dropping down a back size, with a good way to check if it is correctly fitting being no bubbling/gaps around the spacer lines Shock Absorber's bounce level testing has found that it was only 3% less than the bounce reduction of their Run Bra when tested versus no bra (Fly Bra -64% Run Bra -67%, tested on 12 34B participants running at 10kph)


Material: 81% Polyamide (Nylon), 10% Polyester, 9% Elastane
3D Spacer dissociated breast movements whilst absorbing inner and external movements
Moulded cups support breast anatomical shaping
Brushed elastic reduces friction
Double back adjustment for ultimate support
Breathable microfibre with moisture wicking