Sidi Power Meryl Cycling Socks 2018

Sidi Power Meryl Cycling Socks 2018

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Sidi Power Meryl Cycling Socks 2018 from Socks category

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Sidi Power Meryl Cycling Socks. As the speed and temperatures rise you'll be happy to have the comfort of Sidi's Power Meryl Cycling Socks providing exquisite comfort when you're putting the power down through the pedals Sweaty feet soon leads to discomfort when on the bike, with more chance of irritation, chafing at hot spots forming - however, pull on your Power Meryl Cycling Socks and you'll enjoy mile after mile of comfort. The key is the use of Meryl Skinlife, this lightweight and highly breathable yarn quickly moves excess moisture off the skin where it evaporates away to the outside. Not just that, the fibres also incorporate silver ions, combating bacteria build-up and odours, leaving your feet as fresh at the end of the ride as when you started


Materials: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
Meryl Skinlife
Highly breathable
Anti-bacterial silver ions
12cm cuff