Sidi Toe Covers 2018
available colours: yellow, black

Sidi Toe Covers 2018

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Sidi Toe Covers 2018 from Overshoes category

Product information

Sidi Toe Covers. For misty, damp and cool conditions, the Sidi Toe Covers provide just the right degree of protection from the elements while still allowing easy access to dials and buckles and letting the rest of your foot to breathe. ideal for both training and racing in transitional seasons Made from lightweight and wind-resistant Windtex, the Sidi Toe Covers keep chilly winds off the front of the feet and fends off road spray should a rain shower appear or misty and damp conditions prevail. They're easy to slip on over your shoes and are held in place by the cleat and should the weather improve they're simple to pull off and pop in a pocket


Materials: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
Windtex breathable water-resistant fabric
Cleat cut out
Easy pull tab
One size fits most