Sidi Warm Thermolite Cycling Socks 2018

Sidi Warm Thermolite Cycling Socks 2018

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Sidi Warm Thermolite Cycling Socks 2018 from Socks category

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Sidi Warm Thermolite Cycling Socks. Developed to keep feet warm as temperatures fall, Sidi's Warm Thermolite Cycling Socks use hollow-core Thermolite to trap warmth without adding bulk, making them easy to use with your favourite cycling shoes With slim-fitting cycling shoes, you don't want your winter socks to be bulky as this will pinch your feet, restrict blood flow and ultimately leave your feet colder - for this reason, Sidi developed the slim but cosy Warm Thermolite Cycling Socks. Thermolite hollow-core fibres trap air and create an effective barrier against the cold but without the need to be bulky. The larger surface area also enhances moisture management, wicking sweat away from the skin where it can evaporate away quickly, leaving your feet fresh and dry. They're also quick-drying meaning more comfort in damp weather and quicker drying times after washing


Materials: 55% Polyester, 37% Polyamide, 8% Elastane
Thermolite yarns for warmth
Reinforced toe and heel
Non-Slip cuff
12cm Cuff