Tektro M285 Disc Brakes 2017

Tektro M285 Disc Brakes 2017

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Tektro M285 Disc Brakes 2017 from Brakes category

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Tektro M285 Disc Brakes. The Tektro M285 Disc Brakes features superb braking power and modulation, reach adjust, a 2-finger lever blade and uses non-corrosive mineral oil; it is a great entry-level hydraulic disc brake. It features a fully open system for consistent braking performance, simple adjustment and easy maintenance/bleeding


Material: Aluminium Lever: Reach 86 - 90 mm; 2 Finger Blade Mounting Bracket: One-piece bracket Caliper: Automatic caliper positioning via front and rear adapters Brake Pad Compound: Organic E10 11 Brake Fluid: Non-Corrosive Mineral Oil Weight: Front: 285g; Rear: 305g