Tufo Extreme Sealant

Tufo Extreme Sealant

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Tufo Extreme Sealant from Tubeless Kits category

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Very highly effective product for repair of flats of all TUFO tyres. Application through the valve stem or valve opening. Can only be used after getting a flat tyre


New tube packaging with resealable cap and larger opening for easier application. Includes: Valve tool
Instructions For Use: 1. Shake well before use! 2. Turn the wheel to place the valve in 8 o’clock position 3. Using the valve tool, unscrew the valve core from the valve stem 4. Insert the applicator into the valve stem and squeeze in about 1⁄3 (road tyres) or ½ (CX and MTB tyres) of the tube content 5. Screw the valve core back into the valve stem 6. Turn the wheel to give the sealant a chance to get to the puncture spot 7. Inflate the tyre and continue riding
8. If the puncture is larger, inflate the tyre slightly, the sealant should not be leaking out, continue riding after the sealant dries. If necessary, repeat the procedure