WD40 Bike Wash 500ml

WD40 Bike Wash 500ml

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WD-40 Bike Wash 500ml. An awesome all-surface cleaner from one of the biggest cleaning and lubricating brands around, the WD-40 Bike Wash 500ml gives half a litre of spray-on cleaning for all parts and components on your bike. Especially great on Road and Mountain bikes, it easily cuts through the built-up grime that your riding creates. Hard-Working and Efficient Cleaning Spray. Ready to use with turn of a nozzle, the WD-40 Bike Wash 500ml will work to shine up any and all surfaces across your steed, from spokes to saddle and anywhere in between. Fast, effective and safe to use on paintwork, plastic, rubber and chrome, this is a top-performing formula that will get your bike back to looking brand new with every clean.


Cleaning Suitability: Frames, pedals, handlebars, seats, wheels, spokes Best For: Removing grease, grime, dirt and oil, all over use Volume: 500ml