Weeride Co-Pilot Tagalong Trailer
available colours: silver, green

Weeride Co-Pilot Tagalong Trailer

informative price £120.00

Weeride Co-Pilot Tagalong Trailer from Kids Bikes category

Product information

Tag-a-longs are perfect for children aged 4 to 9 who can’t manage those longer bike rides, or maybe haven’t mastered riding just yet. The Weeride Co-Pilot features a patented Sync Link Pivot to ensure the smoothest, safest up/down and side to side movement. This unique pivot system ensures the tag along follows the exact same line as the adult bike. On the passenger end a single easy gear and a hub that allows for pedaling forwards, backwards, or just coasting ensure a chilled-out ride. Riding is a simple task and the WeeRide keeps it that way as the weight is off the back of your bike and your child gets the benefit of an improved steady ride experience.